Catarina Nylund

Self taught. I use mostly graphite and coloured pencils but also acrylic once in a while (increasingly often).

I have been in to art of different sorts since childhood, have always liked to relax, free my mind and lose myself into a drawing or other creative media.
Then many years past and I hardly did anything creative at all until I started with rockpainting a few years ago and I loved it.
This started something – a spark, a need to create.
I have struggled with anxiety for several years. It is part of who I am, I have to live with that, but it’s not all that I am.
After painting rocks for a while I started to make an art journal, encouraged by my stepmom who is a psychotherapist.
I battled with my extreme inner critic but moved passed that and drew, painted etc something every day.
This was merely two years ago and here I am now! Confident enough to see and acknowledge my self value and to put my art up for sale.

I hope you enjoy it.

CatArt of Sweden
c/o Hammarlund
Olaus Petrigatan 10
115 34, Stockholm